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Covid, The Second Wave

Hi guys….so, it’s becoming a habit that I send my post late. Why? because I think I’m getting tired. Planning out a post for every Monday and Thursday can be exhausting and I used to schedule them but they’ve gotten ahead of me so now I basically do them on the day itself. It’s as if the planet is spinning faster on its axis because there is sooo much happening at the same time. We had Covid under control here in Trinidad. We were almost like in our own safe bubble…but nothing lasts forever. We are still extremely better off than many countries but recently the cases have spiked.

We closed our borders and we go through a rigorous process when locals return home and that has saved us tremendously. Its detailed down to as you arrive you are quarantined at a Government facilities and tested. If you’re negative you go home if not then you remain for the 14 days. But due to the trafficking of refugees from Venezuela by boat we have suddenly seen a few children having the virus, when traced they got it from the fathers and then more tracing has to be done. It’s basically also a case of due to the economy people want to work and even if they feel sick they go out to work and then infect others.


We’ve had a case like that. It is kinda under control but it has spread and we’re not sure how far. We have about 189 recorded cases and only 8 deaths here but we have to ramp up the wearing of masks, sanitising etc. As a small Island with only 1.2 million we can’t afford to have a lot of people getting sick. The situation is one of, we have refugees smuggling in, locals want to come home, a Cricket competition is starting with players from abroad, school exams are happening so there are classes, businesses are running but with rostered staff, and general elections in a few days….these are all events that could cause the virus to spread. But what is good is that we have a no mask no service policy so you can’t go into a business without washing your hands or sanitising first and you must be wearing a mask. I think that has made a big difference in cutting down the spread here in Trinidad.

This virus takes every opportunity to spread and due to some people’s ignorance, stupidity, carelessness or total disregard for the rules and protocols, it will get its way and spread as it wants. Humans can be so difficult when it comes to getting cohesiveness, disciplined, controlled behaviour and this is to our detriment. So I hope you all stay safe, mask up, sanitise and wash your hands, you don’t want to spread this to someone if you unknowingly are a carrier.

Bye for now.


Gail (Gafra)

Why Are Humans So Mean To Each Other?

Hi guys….as you know I’m an Executive Coach and I deal with Executives and Managers everyday and it’s always amazing when I come across cases where you see from a distance how wicked humans can be to one another or how some bully others. Now the other side of that coin is that the person being bullied or treated badly could be falling short with their deliverables or performance and that is why they’re receiving the bad treatment, but there are ways to deal with someone you don’t respect or you’re impatient with because they’re not doing what is expected.

Instead of confronting the person and having a conversation with them to let them see what you’re seeing, humans take the cowardly route and try to “bad talk” the person, or complain to their boss or poison the person’s name with negative talk about them to everyone except the person themselves. Be brave and go to the person and have a serious conversation that gives everyone a win/win and not a win/lose. But that rarely happens. So what you have happening is a person is stressed because it seems as if everyone is coming down on them and the individual(s) who are either bullying or being negative are doing it because they’re dissatisfied with the person’s performance or lack of.

Communication is such a vital part of any organisation, relationship or family. People perceive things through their foggy lenses, so unless you explain and they can see where you are coming from they will treat you based on that perception. Of course there is also the other aspect that people are inadvertently selfish and want what they want. That is, everyone consciously or unconsciously has their own agenda, but some of us are able to put those agendas aside for the good of others or bend them or delay them for the good of others whereas some won’t do that for anyone. I call that selfishness and we all have a level of selfishness…me very much included.

I’ve had my times of doing what I wanted despite who it hurt because I wanted my satisfaction and didn’t even think about who and how bad it would hurt someone else. But you learn from those situations and hopefully you never do that again but life and humans are strange and we can go into that selfish mode at any time. Within an organisation that selfish mode shows its head often by many and that is where the conflicts occur, but it can be prevented through communication…having the uncomfortable conversations is what helps.


So lets not be mean to each other or at least consider how what you do will hurt someone you acre about and make the decision not to do it or put it off for a better and safer less painful time.We are going through enough challenges at this time in our lives and outside of Covid, Economic trials, crime, internal government disputes, marches (BLM), now we’re heading towards hurricane season….to me it feels like our planet’s rotation has sped up and now everything is happening faster….who knows????

I wanted to get that off my chest and say that we are all humans…whether black, white, indian, negro, mixed, rich, poor, educated, uneducated, we all bleed and we all bleed red, so maybe we should judge based on blood colour….maybe that might help us see everyone the same. Who know????We gotta get it right as humans, so I just wanted to share that.

Later guys, stay safe and be kind to one another, wear your mask, wash your hands, don’t touch your face and sanitise. Let’s fight a least one thing together…Covid.

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A Virtual Art Exhibition Launch with a Difference

Hi guys……I did it, I had my Virtual Art Exhibition Launch this Sunday and it went great. I didn’t write last week because it was crazy busy here due to the organising of this Launch, but it’s finished and I’m sharing it in parts with you and it will also allow you to see a bit of my culture as there is some entertainment mixed in with it. Hope you enjoy it and share your comments: Simply click the video below for Part 1:

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