Why Are Humans So Mean To Each Other?

Hi guys….as you know I’m an Executive Coach and I deal with Executives and Managers everyday and it’s always amazing when I come across cases where you see from a distance how wicked humans can be to one another or how some bully others. Now the other side of that coin is that the personContinue reading “Why Are Humans So Mean To Each Other?”

PODCAST: Avoiding Social Media is Similar to avoiding Technology in the Workplace

Listen to the most recent episode of my podcast: Avoiding Social Media is similar to avoiding Technology in the Workplace https://anchor.fm/gail-francis/episodes/Avoiding-Social-Media-is-similar-to-avoiding-Technology-in-the-Workplace-egb7hs Get your PRINTABLE planners HERE

A Virtual Art Exhibition Launch with a Difference

Hi guys……I did it, I had my Virtual Art Exhibition Launch this Sunday and it went great. I didn’t write last week because it was crazy busy here due to the organising of this Launch, but it’s finished and I’m sharing it in parts with you and it will also allow you to see aContinue reading “A Virtual Art Exhibition Launch with a Difference”