It all started when…

Art. Create. Feel

Hi my name is Gail and my art was formerly under the name Triniartstudio. I still maintain the http://www.triniartstudio.org site where I share my thoughts on different topics, but I recently rebranded to GaFra. GaFra is where I feature my Art – Watercolour and Acrylic abstract Printables.

I Live in Trinidad and Tobago a Twin Island in the Caribbean. I feature scenes from my country and our culture. Anything that grabs my attention I paint. I got into art by chance.

My neighbour told me she was going to do Art classes with a friend for free. I asked if could join her. She asked her friend and I was invited. The class ended up being eight much older women who were all friends and we had great times talking , laughing, having tea, doing lunch and they shared about friends I didn’t know and in between all of those activities, we learnt painting basics. It was great. I looked forward to it every Thursday and hardly missed a class. My neighbour stayed for about two classes then never came back….Too busy.

I was the serious one in the class and also the youngest but I painted with these ladies (my art angels) for about six years, then my teacher encouraged me to do an exhibition, which I did and I sold 15 of 34 pieces. I did ask the other ladies to let us do the exhibition as a group but they chickened out. They didn’t think their work was good enough. But to be honest they did some amazing pieces. They each had a different style but just didn’t have the confidence.

After that I also did some online sessions with an artist in Canada – Herri Arifin. That was really great. He taight me some major art concepts and then I did a workshop in Boone, North Carolina with Alvaro Castagnet for one week. an amazing impressionist watercolour painting. A Fabulous painter. That was amazing. So that’s how I got started and I’ve been painting ever since, although I have branched out into Acrylic Abstracts. Something I never thought I would do. I hated acrylic, but watercolour was and is my first love…and that is how it began.

Aside from my Art website, I also have a blog about my journey towards going Natural. Learn more HERE or HERE.

Photos of me at different ages and one with my family.

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