I am a Caribbean Artist and I use a variety of Mediums

#37 new Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies

Prices from $35 to $500 USD

Art Year


Printable Planners






Clothing with Designs

Art designs

Art for now & the future.

As a part of the general public, I’ve always known what type of art I loved and what captured my attention. Now that I’m a self taught artist, and the shoe is on the other foot, it isn’t easy knowing what grabs people’s attention, but I don’t paint for that reason. I paint what I feel and what interests me.

I’ve come to learn that different things attract different people. That art affects people differently, so you can’t paint to suit people, you paint to tell your message and to share who you are. That is art for me.

Impressionistic & Contemporary Art.

Art that speaks to the emotions and are vibrant and send a message to those who can see within. Created by me, a Caribbean Artist. I want to share my creations with the world, as long as the piece touches their emotions.

Gail…also known as Gafra

About Artist.

Gail Francis is a Certified LMI Coach with over 20 years of experience of helping clients manage their teams. She has achieved success due to her commitment to providing excellent coaching. She is also a Self Taught Artist that has moved from Watercolours to Acrylics and Mixed Media.



#37 New Street,
Port of Spain, 100920
Trinidad & Tobago
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